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Iceman Changes and Fixes

Sonntag, September 01 2013 - Project Status / Change Log

Bug fixes : #1426 Embedded browser display a page in "IE compatibility mode" #1423 Adding a feed through IE9 returns "Permission Denied": applied the provided patch with some modifiactions because of the changed code base #1422 RSS Bandit is crashing #1394 #1407 Lock obtain...

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Sources, Patches, Participate

Dienstag, August 30 2011 - Project Status / Development

Please visit the project development page at http://dev.rssbandit.org (GitHub). Old location: sourceforge : http://sourceforge.net/projects/rssbandit/...

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RSS Bandit v1.9.0.1002 Release

Sonntag, Juli 04 2010 - Project Status / Release Notes

Torsten and I have been busy working on the rewriting the RSS Bandit UI using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and moving to a ribbon based model. We've had to quickly take a break to fix a problem caused by recent changes in how Google Reader handles authenticated requests from client applications...

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Would you like to translate "RSS Bandit" in your native language?

Donnerstag, Oktober 15 2009 - Project Status / Translation

To check the currently available languages, take a look at our Translation matrix page . Maybe your language already exists and is ready for use or needs just a little improvement. Read these instructions first before starting to work on a translation. For these languages you should request the current...

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RSS Bandit v1.9.0.972 Release (with updated installer)

Sonntag, Oktober 11 2009 - Project Status / Release Notes

As part of spring cleaning to get ready for Windows 7, we are releasing version of RSS Bandit. You can download it from here [ Update: The issues when upgrading from v1.8.0.870 have been addressed] This release primarily fixes bugs from the previous release. With the code base now stable we...

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A closer look at the upcoming RSS Bandit ribbon

Sonntag, Mai 31 2009 - Project Status

In between watching the Google Wave video and Slumdog Millionaire , I got around to completing the first set of tabs for the ribbon in RSS Bandit . Screenshots are below, as usual let me know what you think. Fig 1: The home tab. This is the default tab on launching the application. I like that formerly...

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Preview of Facebook Comments in RSS Bandit and the Ribbon

Montag, Mai 25 2009 - Project Status

I’ve made some more progress in integrating the Facebook news feed into the next version of RSS Bandit currently codenamed Colossus . This weekend I completed the addition of support for viewing and replying to comments in the news feed. So here are some screenshots of current comment workflow...

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Progress report on Facebook integration into RSS Bandit (Colossus release)

Sonntag, Mai 10 2009 - Project Status

So I’ve spent the weekend working my way through Facebook’s Open Stream API and have made a ton of progress in adding the option to read your Facebook news feed from RSS Bandit. In my previous post I should the initial screenshots where you can login to Facebook via RSS Bandit to begin the...

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RSS Bandit (codename: Collossus) will bring stability, bug fixes and Facebook integration

Montag, Mai 04 2009 - Project Status

I’d like to apologize about the lack of updates on this site in recent months. Both Torsten and I have had the combination of work and new additions to the family at home take up a lot of our free time. I’m slowly beginning to get some time back as my son has started growing and things get...

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v1.8.0 to v1.9.0 Changes

Donnerstag, März 05 2009 - Project Status / Change Log

Revision 878: switched to use lucene.net v2.3.1 (TorstenR) Revision 879: fixed: InvalidCastException on WinRSS feedsource search hits; (TorstenR) feature: self healing of the index after unexpected process termination (writer.lock still exists) (TorstenR) Revision 880: fixed: javascript error handling...

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