Iceman Changes and Fixes

So 1 Sep, 2013; by torstenr - Change Log

Bug fixes:

  • #1426 Embedded browser display a page in "IE compatibility mode"
  • #1423 Adding a feed through IE9 returns "Permission Denied": applied the provided patch with some modifiactions because of the changed code base
  • #1422 RSS Bandit is crashing
  • #1394 #1407 Lock obtain time out in lucene index
  • #1342 No "Browsing area" (64bit issue)
  • #1398 Click to detail link "remove subscription" also clears whole listview
  • #1379 Incorrect item pubDate displayed (Common Rss Platform)
  • Import Feeds dialog now works correctly: category was not correctly initialized
  • #1427 Podcast option: "This folder" did not get persisted
  • #1089 Moving beyond the first 10 item page Move Edit
  • #935 Can't mark all short items read (use spacebar to skimm)
  • #1389#1397#1402#1418 FTP feedlist download failed with error: Closed
  • #1306 Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • #1381 Error when two feed sources have the same name
  • #1143 Next Page links dont work after clicking column header
  • #1133 Flag item is grayed out in "Unread Items"
  • #1036 Special Feeds - Unread Items does not mark as unread


Other changes:

  • now use .NET 4.0 for the project(s)
  • enable AnyCPU: so now it runs on X86 and X64 machines natively
  • changed default RSS item display template to use HTML5
  • made UI more clean by removing useless borders, visible background areas etc. to get more display area for feeds/items
  • better error messages if feed sources could not be loaded
  • Folder selection dialogs now pre-select the configured folder(s)
  • removed unused code/controls/forms; fixed enclosure download (x64 issues) in BITS and NTFS streams
  • subscriptions sometimes are empty after "Download Feeds..."
  • Exception if WinRss feed source properties are displayed immediately after adding
  • now use Interop.Microsoft.Feeds.dll (msfeeds.dll 2.0)
  • Feed item details view does not always follow search order of the feed list view
  • Sometimes a node gets "read" state just the moment you select the feed node
  • Added "Mark All as Read" context menu item to smart folders like "Unread Items"
  • Disabled google reader synchronization: it is dead (july 2013) now (feedly integration is under review)
  • Disabled facebook feeds synchronization: they changed their API and we have to review how to re-integrate FB (if possible). For now users can use the online service to "prepare" FB feeds they like to subscribe


#1 Kal on Di 3 Sep, 2013 at 3:39

Good news. Most of the big interface changes I saw discussed were not that useful to me. But I use this reader every day. Keep up the good work.

#2 boursebinaire on Di 24 Sep, 2013 at 3:02

The bugfix #935 is a very good news for me :)

Keep up the good work.