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Moving to GitHub

Samstag, Februar 11 2017 - Blog

The RSS Bandit code and tickets have moved over to GitHub (https://github.com/RssBandit/RssBandit). Please join us there at our new home. The RSS Bandit project is largely dormant, but there are a few minor updates that I'm aiming to do in the near-future: Fix the Hi DPI issues when running on high...

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Next step - Iceman

Sonntag, September 01 2013 - Blog

Long time I did not had the time or internal readiness to continue coding any RSS Bandit feature or bugfix. There were also events in the past regarding my health which prevented a deeper involvement with the project other than manage the site itself and keep connected with the code base itself. But...

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CMS updated to version 1.3

Donnerstag, August 08 2013 - Blog

Just migrated our CMS to the newer version 1.3 : no problem so far. Feel free to report any issue you have with the site as a comment below! Thanks.

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Dare talks about Metro style apps taking advantage of SSO, and Bandit

Freitag, Oktober 28 2011 - Blog

Project lead Dare posted: a Video of his talk “Powering your app with Live Services” from Microsoft BUILD conference now available . He also talks about his experiences with Windows Application development related to RSS Bandit. Nice to see you live, Dare!...

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User Discussion Forum moved to

Donnerstag, September 02 2010 - Blog

Because of the ongoing SPAM flooding, maintenance time and other related issues we gave up hosting our own forum software and moved to use the sourceforge forum located at http://sourceforge.net/projects/rssbandit/forums/forum/335140 (was yet active the recent years, but rarely used). The links at our...

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Google Reader integration broken - new release coming in the next few days

Montag, Juni 28 2010 - Blog

A number of customers have pointed out that Google Reader integration with RSS Bandit has stopped working due to recent changes in how Google Reader authentication works . I'm currently working on a fix and expect a notification about a new release within the next 2 - 3 days. I apologize to our users...

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Site update: support for comment feeds

Donnerstag, Oktober 15 2009 - Blog

Today I updated our CMS theme to display the "subscribe to most recent site comments" blue feed icon next to the big normal "subscribe to site feed" symbol. It offers the last recently posted comments to any of the posts of this site as a feed. Moreover I replaced the used widget...

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Missing Feeds on Restart in

Montag, November 10 2008 - Blog

A number of users have stated that they are seeing a problem where v1.8.0.862 of RSS Bandit loses their feeds on every restart. Specifically, after each restart it states that the number of subscribed feeds is 0 after loading the feed list even though feeds were added on the previous run. I am unable...

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Your Feeds Aren't Missing

Donnerstag, November 06 2008 - Blog

In v1.8.0.862, we made a change to the user interface which we thought would be helpful but instead has turned out to be very confusing to our users. The change was to remove to (+) and (-) indicators that let you know whether the top level nodes of a subscription have been expanded or not. The reason...

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RSS Bandit (Phoenix) beta release: A desktop client for Google Reader, a podcatcher, and much more

Freitag, Oktober 24 2008 - Blog

It's been just over a month since we released the alpha of the next release of RSS Bandit codenamed Phoenix. Below are a couple of posts about the alpha from some popular blogs RSS Bandit Syncs RSS Feeds Between Desktop and Google Reader – LifeHacker Sync your Google Reader, Newsgator feeds with...

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