Would you like to translate "RSS Bandit" in your native language?

Do 15 Okt, 2009; by torstenr - Translation

To check the currently available languages, take a look at our Translation matrix page. Maybe your language already exists and is ready for use or needs just a little improvement. Read these instructions first before starting to work on a translation. For these languages you should request the current zip package at contact@rssbandit.org. You can still use the packages mentioned below to be able to compare with the original english version, so feel free to get them too.

When you are finished, send us your translation (just the zipped .resx files) with a note about the target language to contact@rssbandit.org. We will run some sanity checks on it and commit it into our repository. From that moment on, the language will be available in the nightly developer builds for testing. It'll become part of the nexet official release. We will also put your name on the list of contributors.


 RSS Bandit is still in development so the translation of all resources is also a work 'in progress'. If resources were added or changed for a new release, we will contact the listed contributors usually by mail for a refresh of their contribution. So if a contributor is not anymore able to fullfill the required work, he should ping the core developer team as early as possible - this way we can require or call for a another contributor of the language to continue!


All zipped files are plain text (XML), that might be UTF-8 encoded depending on the supported language requirements. So you can use your favorite XML editor (or just plain text editors like Notepad) to translate the text.

You should keep a copy of the original zipped files for reference - this way you can lookup the previous original english version of a text after you translated, that is often useful if the new text does not fit the required length and you have to modify the translation to be more to the point (shorten the text).

The important parts of the files are sections like this:

<data name="PodcastOptionDialog_Title" xml:space="preserve">
  <value>Podcast Options: {0}</value>
  <comment> Podcast option dialog title; parameter 0: caption of the feed</comment>

 The inner text of the XML element named value is the text to translate! Simply replace it with your translation. Pay attention to any used parameter within such text - they are written as numbers in parentesis (underlined above). These parameters are required and have to be kept within the translated version of the text - but possibly move to another location within the text itself to fit the language requirements to get a meaningful sentence.

Keep the XML element structure! Or the provided files cannot be compiled into the project!

You should also try to keep the length of the overall text the same as the original, often there is a limitation in the UI for labels etc. such as the text cannot be fully displayed if it is too long!

Thank you, your contribution will be very welcome...

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