RSS Bandit Product Roadmap

Fr 24 Okt, 2008; by dareo - Roadmap

As the user base and development team of RSS Bandit has grown the need for planning and strategy documentation for future versions of RSS Bandit has become self evident. This document describes the goals for future versions of RSS Bandit as well as provide a plan for achieving these goals. As RSS Bandit is an Open Source project worked on by members of the RSS Bandit community in their free time these plans and goals will not be fixed and this roadmap should be considered a living document that will evolve over time. There are three primary goals of this road map

  • it is a way to communicate to our end users what features are planned for the next release
  • it communicates the prioritization of various features as well as defines owners for feature areas
  • it defines the requirements of each feature in enough detail that the RSS Bandit development team can implement these features

At the current time this road map describes the future of the current version of RSS Bandit  and the following versions. Since we do not know the what version number an RSS Bandit release will use until it is released we will use code names for future releases. The next release is codenamed Rogue.

Due to the complexity of these features and varying user demand these features have been ranked in order of priority. The priority 1 features are considered essential to the release and the release will be delayed until these features are fully implemented. The priority 2 features are important to the release and every effort will be made to get them into the release. However if a priority 2 feature turns out to be harder to implement than earlier expected or takes longer than expected then it will be cut from the release and postponed to a future release.

RSS Bandit [Rogue]

The main goal of the Rogue release will be revamping the user interface to make the application easier to use.

Feature List

The main developer(s) for each feature are also listed below.

Must Have Features (priority 1)

  • Applying search filters to the list view: In certain cases a user may want to perform the equivalent of a search on the items currently being displayed in the list view without resorting to an explicit search. An example is showing all the unread items in the list view. RSS Bandit should provide a way to apply filters to the items currently being displayed in the list view either by providing certain predefined filters or providing the option to apply search folder queries as filters. (DEVELOPER - Torsten)

Should Have Features (priority 2)

  • Provide some usage statistics for feeds: RSS Bandit should provide some statistics about the users subscriptions such as how many feeds have been subscribed to and how many read vs. unread items exist. (DEVELOPER - Torsten)
  • Allow user to choose sort order of tree view: A number of users do not like the fact that the tree view in RSS Bandit sorts feeds alphabetically and would like to control the sort order. RSS Bandit should allow users to choose between an alphabetically sorted tree view and oen which allows the user to arbitrarily place feeds. (DEVELOPER - Torsten)


The Rogue release is tentatively scheduled for release in the Summer of 2009.