RSS Bandit v1.6.0.1 Release

Fr 24 Okt, 2008; by dareo - Release Notes

The RSS Bandit installer for v1.6.0.0 has been refreshed and the following fixes made.  
* Fixed: IndexOutOfRangeException thrown if less than ten Top Stories could be generated due to insufficent outgoing links in user's subscriptions.(bug 1858619) 
* Fixed: Flagged Items special folder does not show flagged items(bug 1860442) 
* Fixed: Exporting feed list as OPML results in "Key not found in dictionary" error. (bug 1859711) 
* Fixed: Application crashes randomly if Windows language/locale is set to Finnish. (bug 1859508) 
* Fixed: "Download feeds on startup" setting not honored. Feeds are still downloaded on startup even if this option is unchecked. (bug 1859719) 
* Fixed: Inconsistent behavior when running application on Vista 64-bit because it wasn't compiled as a 32-bit application. 
* Fixed: Update frequency set to 0 not honored on restarting the application (bug 1864305)