RSS Bandit v1.6.0.0 Release

Fr 24 Okt, 2008; by dareo - Release Notes

Download the installer from  
The major changes between this release and v1.5.0.17 are below  
* Feature: Top Stories button shows the ten most popular links over the past week in your subscriptions. 
* Feature: Twitter plugin enables posting links or replies to Twitter 
* Fixed KeyNotFoundException if "Mark All Items as Read" clicked shortly after changing the URL for a subscribed feed. 
* Fixed: Downloading feed list from NewsGator Online deletes local machine and intranet feeds. 
* Fixed: Downloading favicons happens several times while the application is running instead of just once. 
* Fixed: 100% CPU used when an RSS feed with no <channel> element is encountered. 
* Fixed: plugin silently failed when posting items with tags containing special characters like '#' or '+'