RSS Bandit v1.5.0.17 Release

Fr 24 Okt, 2008; by dareo - Release Notes

The major new features and bug fixes since the last official release (v. are listed below.  
Download the installer from 
- Newspaper view can be configured to show unread items in a feed as multiple pages instead of a single page of items 
- Feed list and read/unread status of news items can be synchronized with NewsGator Online, FeedDemon and NetNewsWire.  
* Random crashes due to error renaming file "" to "deletable" or "" to "segments" in search index folder. 
* Items in Atom 0.3 feeds that have a <created> date but no <issued> date show their date as the last modified date of the feed instead of the created date. 
* Images don't show up on certain items when clicking on feed or category view if the feed uses relative links such as in Tim Bray’s feed at
* Empty pages displayed in newspaper view when browsing multiple feeds under a category node. 
* Newly added feeds do not inherit the feed refresh rate specified in the Options dialog. 
* In certain cases, the following error message is displayed when attempting feed upload via FTP; "Feedlist upload failed with error: Passive mode not allowed on this server.." 
* Application crashes on startup with the COMException "unknown error" 
* None of the options when right-clicking on "This Feed" in feed properties is valid for newsgroups. 
* Crash because the application cannot modify the .treestate.xml configuration file 
* Crash when clicking on enclosure link in toast window 
* Javascript errors on Web pages result in error dialogs being displayed or the application hanging. 
* Search indexing thread takes 100% of CPU and freezes the computer. 
* Crashes related to Lucene search indexing (e.g. IO exceptions, access violations, file in use errors, etc) 
* Crash when a feed has an IRI (i.e. URL with unicode characters such as http://www.bü instead of issuing an error message since they are not supported. 
* Context menus no longer work on category nodes after OPML import or remote sync 
* Crash on deleting a feed which still has enclosures being downloaded 
* Podcasts downloaded from the feed are named "..mp3" instead of the actual file name. 
* Items marked as read in a search folder not marked as read in original feed 
* No news shown when subscribed to 
* Can't subscribe to feeds on your local hard drive (regression since it worked in previous versions)  
* Images show up as broken links when viewing the feed for the Facebook blog 
* App gets lost on second screen in multi-monitor setup (bug 1288729) and incorrect dual-display handling on startup (bug 1479148) 
* Marking search engines in options doesn't register as change (bug 1782946) 
* french translation issue (spelling) 
* Application crashes with "InvalidOperationException" or "Index is closed" error message. (bug 1777810) 
* Application crashes with "docs out of order" error message. (bug 1783688) 
* Synchronization with Newsgator Online does not recognize items marked as read from within RSS Bandit (bug 1368567). 
* Automatic Mark as Read behavior while scrolling sometimes stops working. 
* Deleted items show up as unread after upgrading from v1.3.0.42 
* Application displays error dialog with "UnauthorizedAccessException" or "access denied" error at random times during the day. (bug 1777411)